• Metalium (Anti-Friction)
  • REVO (Industrial)
    REVO is the exclusive brand of Preferred Industrial Oils segmented by chemistry. Available in Hydraulic, Gear, Transmission, Compressor, Turbine, Circulating, Chain, Slide, Track and ancillary fluids divided into the following types:<br /><br />OMNIPLEX: MINERAL (Petroleum) based fluids.<br /><br />SYNPLEX: PAO (Poly-Alpha-Olefin) Synthetic based fluids.<br /><br />POLYPLEX: PAG (Poly-Glycol) Synthetic based fluids.<br /><br />BIOPLEX: PAO or PAG Synthetics blended with "bio-based" oils.
  • Envira (Biodegradable)
  • Food Grade
  • MRO

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