686786 B.C. LTD, dba: Preferred Industrial, and/or Preferred Industrial Supply (The Company) retains the right to select creative design, content, icons, word(s), phrases, images, video, presentation/demonstration techniques, social media and/or combinations thereof (The Intellectual Property).  No use of The Intellectual Property is implied, permitted nor granted to any person or entity without the expressed written consent and/or approval of an authorized representative of The Company. Failure to recognize and comply with The Company's Intellectual Property rights may result in legal action.

The Company reserves the right for its own use the word(s) or combination of words contained herein, capitalized or not, hyphened or not, protected by copyright, trademark, commercial use, or otherwise: "Metalium, SuperMetalium, MolyMetalium, GTW, Grease that Works, S.O.S, Super Oil Supplement, SLaP, Super Lubricant and Penetrant, RacersEdge, SuperPure, Envira, BioGanic, BioTraxx, BioZime, BioGlyde, BioEdge, GoCo Zorb, CoCo Zorb, ConTac-OGG, DieselBoost, GelTac, PeneTrete, ClingPlex, CorroBan, CorroSeal, InvisaGlove, HandiWash, CitraBlast, BlacTak, BanzAll, CutzAll, TuffaNuff, GoCoat, WiLD, OptiClear, ClearSil, ElectraPure, GraphTec, PurPow, PuraPlex, Repic, Repic Red, REVO, SOFAC, Cheetah Bit System, Combi-Cut, CombiCut, Uni-Collet, Flex-Collet, LoknGo, PHLiPBiT, Not just a bit...Alot Bit Better!, TQRx, TQRc, 1 Bit - 2 Tip System, BitClip, ConQuest, ConcScrub, OmniPlex, SynPlex, BioPlex, Always20".

The Company sells and distributes products from other suppliers and/or manufacturers. In this case, all registered or unregistered trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.

If you are or represent a person, company or entity and have reason to believe that The Company has infringed on a copyright, trademark or other intellectual property without approval, consent or commercial acknowledgement, contact us to resolve the issue.

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