REVO Hydraulic Oil

REVO Industrial Oils are purpose built for equipment and machinery needs.  Chemically engineered, high performance, application specific. Choose from OmniPlex (Mineral), SynPlex (PAO Synthetic), PolyPlex (PAG Synthetic), or BioPlex (PAO or PAG Synthetic & Vegetable Blend) Readily Biodegradable.  Premium grade, designed to meet OEM specs and most operational requirements.

series is a line of high performance, long life industrial hydraulic fluids, formulated to handle the most demanding applications while protecting equipment from expensive downtime and failure.

Manufactured from virgin base oils, supplemented with a high content extreme pressure additive package, REVO hydraulic oils outperform and outlast competitive products.  Unlike low cost amd economy rated oils, REVO-H offers long service life and is engineered with compatible chemistries for use in most North American and European equipment.   REVO-H meets the most stringent Parker Denison HF-0 specification and is intended for use in both high and low pressure industrial and mobile applications.  Provides excellent oxidation, corrosion and anti-foam protection while maintaining thermal and flow stability.

Available in ISO Grade 22, 32, 46 & 68

ISO 15, 100 & 150 by Special Order, ask your local rep for more details.

Features & Benefits

*  Long Cycle & Service Life

*  High Value Additive Package

*  Outperforms, Outlasts, Maintains & Protects

*  Meets Toughest Parker Denison HF-0 Spec


AW 22 - 18.9L Pail # - 12150413168651
AW 22 - 205L Drum # - 12150413168654

AW 32 - 18.9 Pail # - 12150413168657
AW 32 - 205L Drum # - 12150413168660

AW 46 - 18.9L Pail # - 12150413168663
AW 46 - 205L Drum # - 12150413168666

AW 68 - 18.9L Pail # - 12150413168669
AW 68 - 205L Drum # - 12150413168672

Lube it Right...The First Time!

Please note:  Ecological Fees Extra, Non-Recovery Drum Fee May Apply


REVO Hydraulic Oil SDS

Download (191.01k)

REVO Hydraulic Oil TDS

Download (216.09k)

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