SOS Super Oil Supplement
  • SOS Super Oil Supplement

SOS Super Oil Supplement

Super Oil Supplement is a scientifically formulated anti-friction modifier used to improve the performance & lubricating quality of mineral and most synthetic oils.

SOS blends and reconstitutes itself into each molecule, regenerating as part of the principle fluid. SOS blended oil quickly forms a micro-molecular shield on metal surfaces, virtually eliminating stiction*, friction, thermal degradation and component wear. SOS does not contain solids like PTFE (Teflon), Copper, Zinc, Boron or Lead.

Highly concentrated formula does not adversely effect oil viscosity, critical in today's equipment where tolerances are precise.

Primarily designed for enclosed hydraulic, gear box, limited slip differentials, wet clutch & pump drive systems.  Add SOS to crankcase oil where stuck spool valves, injector fatigue, cold starts, rough idling, timing chain, valves, rocker arm, camshaft chatter, turbocharger squeal, over-heated seals, warped aluminum or cast aluminum components lead to catastrophic & costly failure.  

Add min. 30ml (3%) to max. 60ml (6%) SOS to each litre of primary oil. 1 litre of SOS treats 20L (5% ratio @ 50ml/L)

Use of SOS reduces friction, heat, wear, vibration, noise & misfires.  Helps improve oil and engine life, fuel economy, acceleration, power and proper oil flow within OEM specs.

Features and Benefits

* SOS Blends Into Each Oil Molecule

* Helps Eliminate Stiction, Reduce Friction, Heat, Component Wear

* Concentrated Formula Does Not Adversly Effect Oil Viscosity


1L Bottle - # 12151413912420

3.78L Jug - # 12151413912425

18.9L Pail - # 12151413912430

208L Drum - # 12151413912440



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