Food Grade Hydraulic Oil
  • Food Grade Hydraulic Oil

Food Grade Hydraulic Oil

Medallion Food Grade Hydraulic Oil is a high quality fluid designed for food processing and food harvesting operations.  Medallion Hydraulic Oil is classified non-toxic, NSF H-1 Registered, Kosher & Halal Certified, listed and approved by the CFIA and USDA for use where incidental contact with edible food products may occur.

High purity base oil is free from residual contaminants such as nitrogen, sulfur and inferior aromatic oils commonly found in low quality and less costly fluids.  Highly adhesive molecular structure and supplemental anti-wear agents assure positive lubrication at start up and under load, reducing wear, extending equipment life and increasing up-time. Special rust and corrosion inhibitors plus the addition of anti-bacterial growth agents limit the risk of rancidity.    

Medallion Food Grade Hydraulic Oil is recommended for all high pressure systems and can be used to lubricate air-line oilers, low pressure vacuum pumps and will perform well as a light duty, general purpose food grade lubricant.

Available in ISO 32 & 46, Pails in Stock.

68* - 100* - 150* Viscosity Grades. (See note)

CFIA/USDA Listed & Approved for Food Plant Use

Kosher & Halal Certified


ISO 32

Pail - #12150413914550

ISO 46

Pail - #12150413914560

Drums & Other Viscosities Available - Special Order.  Ask your Rep for more details.


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