Clear Grease
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Clear Grease

CC Lube is a transparent semi-synthetic aluminum complex multi-purpose grease.  Specially formulated to be non-toxic, contain no hazardous ingredients and is CFIA listed and USDA authorized for use in Food Process or Food Harvesting operations where incidental contact with food is possible.

CC Lube is clear, clean, colorless, non-staining, non-drying, naturally biodegradable and contains PTFE (Teflon).  Top quality additives provide extreme pressure properties, water resistance and high lubricity values .  Exceptional temperature range of -18°C (0°F) to 204° (400°F).

Use on Bearings, Bushings, Cables, Chains, Conveyors, Gears, Fire Hydrants, Hinges, Linkages, Lifters, Locks, Pulleys, Pumps, Slides, Winches, Kitchen, Recreational and Sports Equipment. CC Lube can be safely applied to plastic, rubber, vinyl, wood and metal.

Product of choice for Government or Private enterprises working on or near water infrastructure maintenance, repair and overhaul projects.

CFIA/USDA Listed & Approved for Food Plant Use

Features & Benefits

* Non Toxic, Non Staining & Work Safe

* Naturally Biodegradable

* Wide Temperature Range


10 x 400g (14 oz.) Tube - #12190213900060

1 x US Gallon Bucket - #12190213900065

1 x 15kg (35lb) Pail - #1219021390070


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