BioGlyde SP Lubricant

Envira BioGlyde is a revolutionary eco friendly lubricant that provides exceptional performance and environmental benefits over traditional mineral and vegetable based oils. BioGlyde utilizes a full synthetic chemistry of polyether polyol base stock and non-metallic additives to produce a very high Viscosity Index, plus class leading fire and flash point values.

Phosphate and polyol esters based products (ie: Soy and Canola oils) hydrolize in the presence of water, resulting in acidic attack, sludge, gum & varnish build-up. BioGlyde offers unmatched thermal and oxidative stability and does not breakdown, react or degrade with water.  BioGlyde can be used in a variety of industrial, marine, rail, and mobile equipment applications, including use as a high performance hydraulic fluid, switch & slide plate lubricant or anywhere an environmentally friendly, biodegradable medium is needed.

All SP series fluids pour easily at low temperatures, provide excellent heat transfer characteristics, demonstrate superior rust and corrosion protection, and formulated to be compatible with common seals, hoses and metals.  Due to its thin film viscosity, minimal coatings are required, lasting longer and reducing per application cost.  Product can be poured, sprayed or brushed on.    

Features & Benefits

* Full Synthetic, Non Aqueous Fluid

* Rated as Readily Biodegradable

* Oxidative & Thermally Stable


SPL460 Pail - # 12190213900740

SPL460 Drum - # 12190213900743

SPL680 Pail - # 12190213900746

SPL680 Drum - # 12190213900749

SPL1000 Pail - # 12190213900752

SPL1000 Drum - # 12190213900755

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BioGlyde SP SDS

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BioGlyde SP TDS

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