BioEdge Bar & Chain Oil

Envira – BioEdge 30W Bar & Chain Oil is a naturally biodegradable lubricant formulated from renewable North American grown seed oil. Using optimized bio-technology it is the preferred choice for operators looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to the highly toxic and traditional low end bar and chain oils.  BioEdge is classified as non-toxic, bio-accumulation potential free and is not expected to have adverse effects on vegetation, marine or aquatic life.

BioEdge provides superior thin film lubrication on high value chains and bars while protecting all ferrous metal components from rust and corrosion.  Advanced tackifiers resist sling-off from high-speed chains and special additive package prevents smoking when under load. High flash and fire point increases safety, especially when working in high temperatures or dry conditions.

Recommended for use in all types of chain saws as it mixes with petroleum-based products.  BioEdge meets the performance requirements of most manufacturers and is suitable for conveyor and lubricating drive chains in both automatic and manual applications.

Features and Benefits

*  Naturally Biodegradable
*  High Lubricity, Faster Cut
*  Non Toxic, Work Safe, Less Smoke


1L Bottle - #12151413934830

4L Jug - #12151413934835

20L Pail - #12151413934840

205L Drum - #12151413934845

Tote or Bulk - Special Order

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BioEdge MSDS

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BioEdge TDS

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