BioPlex EFO Hydraulic Oil

BioPlex Earth Friendly Oil (ISO Grades 32/46/68) is the latest and most modern advancement in hydraulic fluid technology where mechanical stability, thermal range and biodegradability are paramount.  BioPlex meets the most stringent OECD 301F designation, up-to 88% biodegradable in 28 days and considered practically non-toxic to marine or aquatic life.  Pro-active formula reduces the risk of liability and exposure from accidental leaks or line breaks that can damage environmentally sensitive land and waterways.

BioPlex is a complex blend of  refined vegetable oil, highly advanced synthetic compounds and PAG (Polyalkylene Glycol) chemistry.  Superior lubrication qualities performs as good or better than costly synthetic fluids while outperforming most mineral and traditional mono and blended vegetable oils that often fail due to thermal breakdown or extreme pressure degradation. BioPlex offers excellent oxidation protection, is classified as Fire Resistant with a very high flash point and most importantly meets and exceeds all manufacturer performance specifications including hose and seal compatibility.  Minimum Service Rating: 8000 hours


ISO 32 19L Pail - #12151413934672
ISO 32 208L Drum - #12151413934675

ISO 46 19L Pail - #12151413934678
ISO 46 208L Drum - #12151413934681

ISO 68 19L Pail - #12151413934684
ISO 68 208L Drum - #12151413934687


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BioPlex Hydraulic Oil TDS

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