Body Fluid Spill & Containment

Its a fact of life, but personal accidents involving vomit, blood, urine, feces, and other unmentionables needs to be dealt with safely.  These all in one, ready to use Body Fluid Spill & Containment Kits are becoming as popular as First Aid Kits, allowing responders to clean-up infectious waste or other viral contaminants without jeopardizing personal safety or property.

Our purpose built kits offer a comprehensive inventory of the most commonly required supplies. Ideal for those "Uh-Oh" moments where safe clean-up and disposal of biohazardous waste is required.


Standard Kit #1

1 x Clear Plastic Case w/Snap Lid

1 x Microbial Safety Mask

1 x Safety Glasses

1 x Pair Disposable Nitrile Glove - Large

1 x 5oz. Bottle Fluid Control Solidifier

1 x 21g Packet Fluid Control Solidifier

1 x Red BioHazard Waste Bag w/Twist Tie

1 x BioHazard Waste Tag

2 x Anti-Microbial Gel Hand Wipes

1 x Disinfecting Towelette - XLarge

1 x 2oz Spray Bottle Disinfectant/Odor Neutralizer

1 x Absorbent Towel

1 x Tweezer (for sharpie pick-up)

1 x Scissor

1 x Scrape & Scoop Tool

1 x Incident Record Log w/Pen

1 x Instruction Brochure

Upgrade Kit #2

Contains all the above, plus 1 x additional bottle Fluid Control Solidifier, 1 x Disposable Coverall "Large", 2 x 2oz Spray Bottle Disinfectant/Odor Neutralizer, 1 x Zip Bag Multi-Purpose Granular Absorbent.

These easy to store kits are perfect for human interaction facilities such as office and institutional buildings, shopping malls, hotels, schools, cafeterias, bars, restaurants, buses, trains, vehicles, boats & marine vessels, janitorial lockers, first aid rooms, first responders or any environment dealing with potentially infectious or biohazardous waste.

Special pricing available on large volume orders.

Kit 1, Part # - 20151627832150

Kit 2,  Part # - 20151627832160

Think Safety...The First Time!

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