Oil & Liquid Spill Kits

Oil and liquid spills can happen anytime.  These "all in one" kits allow users to mitigate damage and liability by taking a safe and pro-active approach to spill containment.

Universal grey pads and socks are useful for liquids including washer fluid and anti-freeze.  White pads and socks are for hydrocarbons like gasoline/diesel fuel, engine, gear and hydraulic oil.  Each kit contains a package of UltraSorb, a lightweight diatomaceous earth granular absorbent that sucks up most liquids without blowing away.  Complete with a yellow collection bag, pair of "XL" disposable gloves, weather tight 6 gallon bucket w/snap lid or a "hi-viz" orange soft side zipper bag, perfect for under the seat or dry storage.

Image shows optional EZE Yellow Spin lid, the best choice for quick, secure, easy open & close.

Discount pricing on any combination of 10+ units purchased.


White Bucket w/White Snap Lid # - 20151627832250

Orange Soft Side Bag w/Zipper # - 20151627832255

White Bucket w/Yellow EZE Spin Lid # - 20151627832260


8 x Grey Pad, Medium Duty 15 x 18" (General Pick-up)

8 x White Pad, Medium Duty 15 x 18" (Oil/Fuel)

1 x 3" x 4ft. Grey Sock (General Pick-up)

1 x 3" x 4ft. White Sock (Oil/Fuel)

1 x Pair Disposable Latex Glove "XL"

1 x Safety Glasses

1 x Bag All Purpose Granular Absorbent

1 x Yellow Waste Collection Bag

1 x Bucket w/Lid or Hi-Viz Orange Soft Side Zipper Bag

1 x Instruction & Re-Order Sheet

For replenishment, all items are available for separate purchase.  Ask your local rep for more details.

Customize your Kit by adding these Optional Items:

Pillows - Absorbent (White or Grey, Small or Large)
Sealant - Plug n Dike Patty (1lb Container)
Lid - EZE Spin Yellow (As Shown) #20151627832275
LED Headlight (Intrinsically Safe or Standard)
LED Flashlight (Intrinsically Safe or Standard)
Epoxy Stick - Quick Repair (Aqua or General Purpose)
Drain/Manhole - Cover Sheet (Neoprene)
Splash Goggle
Barrier Tape
Disposable Coverall Body Suit
Small Scoop Tool
Telescopic Shovel
Safety Cone
UltraSorb - 15kg Bag Granular Absorbent

Think Safety...The First Time!

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