Tap & Die Sets (HSS)


Most Tap & Die sets are made from standard carbon steel making them useful for limited applications. Right now, Preferred Industrial has a special buy on top quality High Speed Steel sets, designed to cut new threads as well as chase worn & damaged ones. Choose from two great kits, a must have for the serious maintenance and repair professional.

The most common (top image) shop kit contains 39 pieces with 17 Taps (4-40 to 1/2" NC & NF + 1/8 NPT), 17 Round Dies, Holders, Tap Wrench, Pitch Gauge, Screwdriver and a tough mold, custom fit protective case. A great addition for most shops.

Part # - 11171813199705

For bigger and metric jobs we have that covered too. Our jumbo (bottom image) maintenance kit has 110 pieces; 4-40 to 3/4" NC & NF, Metric 6-1.0, 8-1.25, 10-1.5, taper & bottom taps plus 4 sizes of NPT taps. Complete with matching round dies, 2 die stocks, 2 tap wrenches, 1 T-Handle Wrench and a tough mold, custom fit protective case. Everything you need today and the future too.

Part # -11171813199708

Cut it Right...The First Time!

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