Best Drill Bit Set

Made in the USA from select grade alloy steels and elements like Vanadium and Molybdenum, with special thermal processing and friction reducing Nitride, Brute XL5 series drills provide the best value for maintenance professionals looking for a bit that can handle the simplest to the toughest jobs.

135° self penetrating split point and structural integrity combine to offer a high performance drill that is tough but not brittle. Brute drills cut through work-hardening metals such as stainless steel with relative ease, stay sharp and last longer than comparable bits.  Identifiable size laser etched on the shank.

This 29pc. Twister Set is sized from 1/16 to 1/2" by 64th's  and is packaged in a durable plastic index.  Easy to access case keep bits in place, integrated belt clip allows user to take it wherever the job is.

Features & Benefits

* Best USA Made Quality
* Full Index, 1/16 - 1/2" by 64th's
* Drills Stainless Steel, Grade 9 Bolts etc.
* Convenient Twister Index w/Belt Clip

Part # - 17160913407030


To prevent the material from work hardening and causing premature bit failure, slow the speed and increase the feed, use a coolant and friction reducing lubricant like SuperMetalium-SLaP or CutzAll.

Cut it Right...The First Time!

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