TX7R Tactical (325 Lumens)

Purpose built for law enforcement and first responders, the TX7R is the ultimate mid-size light for "on duty" use.

The complete package with unique features and accessories.  Superior run-time with "no power out" flex charge dual power system.  Comes with 2 Li-Ion rechargeable battery packs, charge the battery in the light or independently.  Works with standard power too, includes a alkaline battery cartridge with 4 x AAA Duracell's®.  Li-Ion battery pack recharges via USB, 120V AC wall charge or 12V DC automotive plug.

Output is 325 Lumen, 7-1/2 hour runtime w/Li-Ion, 1.45 hrs/AAA's.  Quick cycle switch to select High or Strobe and slide to focus system that transitions light from spot to flood.

Special silicone grip rings, crowned caps protect the switch and light ends, doubling as a glass breaker, integrated anti-roll & lanyard portal.

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Features & Benefits

*  Dual Function, Flex Power System
*  Two Rechargeable Li-Ion Packs, Included
*  Battery Cartridge, 4 AAA's, Included
*  USB, AC, DC, Flex Charge Hardware, Included
*  325 Lumens, Runtime: 7-1/2 hrs. w/Li-Ion, 1.45 hrs. AAA's
*  2 Power Modes: High or Defense Strobe
*  Silicone Grip Rings
*  Crowned/Glass Break End Caps
*  Slide Focus Optic System
*  Concealed Tail Cap Micro USB Charge Port
*  Aluminum Body w/Anti Roll & Lanyard Port
*  Weather & Water Resistant, IPX4 Rated
*  Lanyard, Sheath, Swivel Belt Clip, Wall/Car Mount, Included
*  Length:  15.6cm (6.125")   Weight: 213g (7.5oz)
*  Coast "Repair or Replace" Life-Time Warranty**

Part # - CP170213820866

** No hassle warranty service administered by Preferred Industrial

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Data sheet

Light Output (Lumens)
325 Lumens

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