Collet & Extension Bits
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Collet & Extension Bits

The Cheetah Bit System is an integrated line of Quick Release cutting tools and driver bits designed for use in portable drill and impact machines.  Equipped with a heavy duty hex stem, the  "LoknGo" drill, tap, fastener driver and collet system allows for rapid and secure loading without the need to re-chuck on change out.


Cheetah Quick Release collet and extensions bits offers a variety of flexible solutions for confined space, limited access or other hard to reach, drill, tap, fastener installation or removal applications.

Single end extension and special double ended "2n1" screwdriver bits available in Square (Robertson)*,  Phillips, or combination Phillips/Slot Drive, 4, 6 or 10" lengths.

Collets accept 1/4" hex drive bits, available in 2-3/8 or 6" lengths**.  Uni-Collet and 11" Flex Collet with orange identifier band accept all Cheetah bits including "2n1" double end screwdriver bits.

Features & Benefits

*  Extension Bits for Hard to Reach Areas
*  Collets accepts 1/4" Hex Drive Bits
*  2n1 Double End Bits Save Time

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Cheetah Bit System...Just so Fast!!!

**  2-3/8 and 6" collet will not accept "2n1" Double Ended Driver Bits.  Use Uni or 11" Flex Collet for 2n1 Driver Bits.
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