Syntho-Glass Wrap

Preferred Industrial is a top tier stocking supplier & international distributor of Syntho-Glass.  We fulfill orders to Companies, Resellers & Organizations including US/Canadian/Foreign Coast Guard, Military, Cruise & Cargo Ships, Chandlers, Offshore Drill Rigs & Fishing Fleets.  Fast & Secure World Wide Shipping, 24/7 E-Commerce: PREFERREDSUPPLY.COM

The original Syntho-Glass, a pre-impregnated glass composite wrap used for emergency pipe repairs & leak abatement.

Syntho-Glass is ready to use and does not require measuring or mixing.  Packaged in a hermetically sealed pouch, simply activate with fresh or salt water.  Excellent adhesion and sealing to Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel, PVC, FRP, Clay, Concrete, Rubber, and more.  Safe to use, non-toxic, non-combustible, odorless. NOT FOR PRESSURIZED SYSTEMS.

Each kit contains Syntho-Glass Wrap (see sizes and lengths below), a pair of disposable gloves, a roll of clear compression tape. Perfect for: Emergency Repairs, Corroded Pipes, Irregular Pipe Fittings, Impact Protection, Joint & Tee Reinforcement, Force Mains, Gravity Tees, Underwater Repair and Splash Zones.


Buy SynthoGlass Pipe Repair in Canada Online  Buy SynthoGlass Pipe Repair Online

Features & Benefits

*  Ready to use
*  No Mixing, No Mess
*  Reinforces Pipe Integrity
*  Sets Rock Hard within 1/2 hour

Repair Kits Sizes

(Min/Max Pipe Diameter in Brackets)

2" x 5' (1/2 to 1") Part # - 20000013910206 (SG205)

3" x 9' (1-1/4 to 2") Part # - 20000013910209 (SG309)

4" x 15' (2-1/2 to 4") Part # - 20000013910212 (SG415)

4" x 30' (4 to 6") Part # - 20000013910215 (SG430)

4" x 50' Part #20000013910218 (SG450)

6" x 50' Part #20000013910221 (SG650)

8" x 30' Part #20000013910224 (SG830)

8" x 50' Part #20000013910224 (SG850)

** @24°C/75°F.

Shelf Life Expiration Date

Min. 1 Year (365 Days) Guaranteed.

Special Order:  Syntho-Glass UP (Under Pressure) Pipe Repair & Wrap.  Contact us for price and ETA.

Fix it Right...The First Time!


SynthoGlass SDS

Download (276.84k)

SynthoGlass TDS

Download (802.42k)

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