BioLine Wire Rope Lube

BioLine WRL (Wire Rope Lubricant) is a specially formulated environmentally friendly product for wire line applications where a liquid grease-like lubricant is required. Manufactured from complex thickeners and naturally grown renewable vegetable oil that provides excellent lubrication and protection for slick line, electric line, and braided line applications. This new-generation lubricant is certified to meet the "Yellow" environmental category for Norway, conforming to the requirements for biodegradability and easily passing the biotoxicity test.

BioLine can be applied by hand, through an auto-lube or pneumatic lube system. The easy flow formula has tremendous adhesive qualities and permeates into the core for added protection and extend wire line life. Petroleum free base is non-conductive, has a wide service temperature range, -29°C to +260°C (-20°F to +500°F) and is extremely resistant to water wash-out. Addionally, BioLine is H2S inhibited and has the unique ability to work as a preservative that protects against the harmful effects of rust, corrosion and UV rays.

Features & Benefits

* Environmentally Safe

* Apply by hand or use in auto-lube systems

* Highly Adhesive, Water Resistant


16kg Pail - Part #12151413933510

180kg Drum - Special Order


Cone Penetration (ASTM D-217)

Unworked = 295 - 340

60 Strokes = 310 - 330

10,000 Strokes = ± 10%

Oil Separation (ASTM D-6184) = < 5.0

Wt. % Loss @ 100°C (212°F) = 5% Max

Load Wear Index = 31 Typical

Salt Fog Resistance (ASTM B-117) 20% NaCl = > 1000 hours

Low Temperature Flexibility = Pass

Volatile Matter = < 2%

* Results are typical and may vary by production

Lube it Right...The First Time!


BioLine MSDS

Download (90.38k)

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