Epoxy Repair Sticks

These economical 2 part epoxy sticks are perfect for quick and easy repair of most metal, wood, hard plastic, concrete, glass, ceramic, stone, masonry and fibre re-inforced materials. Curing begins in 5 to 10 minutes (even underwater), hardens in less than 60 minutes, choose from 9 different compounds to make the right fix at the right time.

Single stick feature assures correct component mix every time. No mess, no guessing, no special tools needed, just cut off the amount required, knead to a uniform putty-like consistency and apply. Durable, versatile & high strength bonding without drip or run-off. Treated area can be drilled, sawed, filed, sanded, stained or painted in about 1 hour. Resistant to most chemicals including hydrocarbons, ketones, alcohols, esters, chlorinated solvents, aqueous salt solutions, diluted acids and alkalies. Sold in 57g sticks. Temp. rated: -50° to 120°C (-58° to 248°F), intermittent 150°C (302°F).


1. Aqua

For Damp, Wet or Underwater Surface Repair

Part # - 2000013910643 (1895)

2. Steel (NSF Rated)

General Purpose Compound, High Strength Repairs on Common Metals

Part # - 2000013910637 (1895)

3. Wood (56g)

Fills, Seals & Bonding Agent for Elastic & Non Shrink Repairs of Most Wood Substrates

Part # - 2000013910640 (1895)

4. Concrete

Repair Floors, Bricks, Blocks, Masonry, Concrete Slabs, Stone & Ceramic Surfaces

Part # - 2000013910652 (1995)

5. Plastic (NSF Rated)

Repair Trim, Hard Plastic Parts, Seal Leaks (Test/Check for Compatibilty. Not for plastic made of or containing PE, PP, PTFE etc.)

Part # - 2000013910649 (1995)

6. Aluminum

Non Rusting Repair and Bonding of Aluminum and Casings

Part # - 2000013910631 (2095)

7. Stainless Steel (NSF Rated)

For Non Corroding Repairs & Reconditioning of Stainless Steel and other Rust Resistant Metals

Part # - 2000013910634 (2095)

8. Copper (NSF Rated)

Very Quick Repair on Damp or Wet Surfaces of Plumbing & HVAC Parts

Part # - 2000013910627 (2195)

9. Titanium

Permanent High Temp. & Wear Resistant Repair of Most Metal Parts

Part # 2000013910646 (2195)

Fix it Right...The First Time!


Aqua SDS

Download (115.88k)

Aqua TDS

Download (260.04k)

Aluminum SDS

Download (115.31k)

Aluminum TDS

Download (256.21k)

Concrete SDS

Download (114.78k)

Concrete TDS

Download (257.65k)

Copper SDS

Download (118.29k)

Copper TDS

Download (262.93k)

Plastic SDS

Download (112.04k)

Plastic TDS

Download (257.81k)

Stainless Steel SDS

Download (113.45k)

Stainless Steel TDS

Download (258.65k)

Steel SDS

Download (113.33k)

Steel TDS

Download (259.44k)

Titanium SDS

Download (113.27k)

Titanium TDS

Download (261.55k)

Wood SDS

Download (115.39k)

Wood TDS

Download (258.24k)

Full Brochure

Download (991.86k)

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