BioTraxx Rail Side Lube

BioTraxx-RSL (Rail Side Lube) combines Lithium & Calcium thickeners plus vegetable oil to meet the designation of an environmentally friendly bio-base grease.

Use with confidence in sensitive areas; features non toxic, heavy metal free and readily biodegradable chemistry to safeguard the environment and user.

Specifically designed to minimize friction, reduce temperature, prevent wear and resist water washout.  BioTraxx's unique blend of thickeners, oils, polymers, solid & liquid additives provides superior performance and cost savings over typical rail lubes.  Use on wheel flange, curve rail, slide chair, rail turnouts, switch plates and other rail side lubricated equipment.  

For heavy duty applications such as wheel or loaded slide mechanisms, recommended grade NLGI #1.  For lighter duty applications such as Switch Plates, recommended semi fluid grade NLGI #000.  Easily dispensed by grease gun, hand brush, or auto lubers.

Operating range: -18 to 120°C (0 to 250°F)

Features & Benefits

*  Readily Biodegradable

*  Lithium/Calcium Thickener, Vegetable Base Oil

*  Wide Range, Multi Use Applications


NLGI Grade #1

15.9kg (35lb) Pail # - 12190213900654

180kg (400lb) Drum # - 12190213900660

NLGI Grade #000 (Semi Fluid)

18.9L (5G) Pail # - 12190213900624

205L (55G) Drum # - 12190213900630

(NLGI grades #3, #2, #1.5, #0, #00 available by special order)

Lube it Right...The First Time!


BioTraxx RSL SDS

Download (339.58k)

BioTraxx RSL TDS

Download (120.03k)

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