QUAT RTU-L SteriKleen
  • QUAT RTU-L SteriKleen

QUAT RTU-L SteriKleen

Ready To Use - Liquid (RTU-L) fragrance free formula, Surface Cleaner, Intermediate Level Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Fungicide, Virucide & Mildewstat solution.

Medical grade chemistry with active ingredient "Quaternary Ammonium Chloride" (QUAT), a broad spectrum anti-microbial, anti-bactericidal liquid, compounded to be lethal against a wide variety of Human Immune System attack organisms.

When used as directed kills 99.9 microbial bacteria/germ pathogens, fungi, viruses, including Andenovirus Type 5, Hard Shell SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) E-Coli, Hep B & C, HIV and many influenza strains. SteriKleen effectively disinfects, deodorizes & sanitizes contaminated surfaces.   Approved for use in/on: Hospitals, Non Critical Medical Equipment, Non-Porous Hard Surfaces, Medical, Dental, Veterinary Clinics, Food Processing Plants* (No Food Contact), Schools, Public Transportation Systems & Human Interaction Facilities (HIF).

Application & Treatment Ratio - See Tech Data Sheet -
Virucidal Disinfectant: Full Strength

Diluted; SteriKleen to Potable Water Ratio:
General Cleaning 1:3
Sanitizing Non Food Contact Surface 1:16
Food Contact Surface 1:21 *(Must be clean rinsed & residue free)


12/case x 1L Capped Bottle - # 13162413905769

12/case x 1L Trigger Spray Bottle - # 13162413905772

4/case x 3.78L Jug - # 13162413905775

18.9L Pail - # 13162413905778

205L Drum - # 13162413905781

Health Canada Registered & Approved - DIN #02500787

USA EPA (Lonza Formula) #6836-140



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