Introduction & Purpose

The purpose of the Preferred Current Promotional Program is to offer No Charge items to buyers of Preferred Products in the normal course of doing business. 

No Charge or free items are encouraged to be used as Golf Tournament, Family Day, Employee of the Month, Safety Committee, Social Committee, etc. as prizes or gifts in recognition of these special events or circumstances.  Preferred Industrial does not encourage or expect that "No Charge" or "Free" items will be used as a personal benefit or be used in a manner to influence or persuade a buyer of Preferred Industrial products to purchase more than what is considered reasonable. 

Preferred Industrial recognizes that certain companies, institutions, agencies or the like may have a policy or policies in place that limits or prohibits the use of such programs. Preferred Industrial will honour any request to comply.

Promotion Terms & Conditions

1.  Buyers agree that by participating in the Current Promotional Offer that they are not violating any Company Policy of their respective Employer.

2.  All Current Promotional Offer items are limited to Stock on Hand.  Quantities are limited. At any time during the promotion period, Preferred Industrial reserves the right to substitute any promotional item with a like or another item of equal or similar value.

3.  Current Promotional Offer is valid only to Retail End User Accounts.  Dealers, Distributors and Resellers do not qualify.

4.  Unless otherwise specified, the Current Promotional Offer cannot be combined with nor qualifies for any other offer, special or discounted pricing offer.

5.  Sales Order/Purchase Order must include Current Promotional Offer Code number, if applicable. (SSS712)

6.  MRSP, Retail or Combined Value or likes thereof is the approximate or estimated dollar value that Preferred Industrial would normally sell the product(s) for.

7.  Preferred Industrial reserves the right to terminate or extend the Current Promotional Offer at any time, with or without notice to its agents, representatives, customers or accounts of the Company.

8.  Net Value is defined as the value of the goods or product only.  Taxes, freight, shipping & handling, duties, levies, fees or any kind of surcharge is not included in the Net Value.

9.  Errors and Omissions Excepted (E&OE).