Q: What are your regular terms for customer accounts?

A:  Terms are NET 30. Cash sales or customers without accounts can pay by Visa or MasterCard.

Q: What are your conditions of payment?

A: Preferred method of payment is: Cheque, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).  Although we accept cash, it is not a preferred method of payment.

We do not accept American Express (Amex), Western Union or the like.  

Note: US & International transactions will be processed in USD currency.

Q: Where do I send my payment?

A: Mail payments to the address found in Contact Us.  If you wish to pay by Visa or Master Card, please contact Preferred Industrial at 604-231-6030 or Toll free 1-866-522-1600.  You can also contact your local Sales Representative.  Cash payments are not recommended.

For other questions you may have, contact Customer Service.

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