Preferred Industrial sells and distributes high quality maintenance, repair, overhaul & safety (MROS) products. Regrettably our expertise is not as a freight/delivery company. 

Like most B2B companies, fees associated with delivery, processing and handling are channeled through.  We do our best to mitigate these expenses, buying product, freighting & consolidating shipments in the most efficient and effective manner. To balance and average these costs, in most cases a processing and handling fee is charged. We encourage customers to use their own courier service, by doing so, (in most cases) you avoid the shipping, handling, processing fee.

Typical questions & answers:

Q: How do I get product that I order from Preferred Industrial? 

A: Unless directed to use a designated courier (consigned to your account), product is delivered, prepaid and charged in the most convenient and expedient manner. 

Q: Is there a Shipping, Handling & Process Fee?

A: Yes.  See above.

Q: Sometimes my Sales Rep delivers product to me.  Is there a charge for this? 

A: Yes.  As a matter of convenience, becoming less typical. The cost of this service is no different (but often less expensive) than using a traditional courier.

Q: Can I have product delivered using my own courier service?

A: Yes.  Under normal circumstances we will not charge the shipping, processing & handling fee.  To facilitate this we require your courier information & the account number.

Q:  Why is there a Shipping, Process and Handling Fee?

A:  There are many costs associated with order processing, including shipping & handling.  There is an expense to receiving product and an expense to shipping to your business.  In addition, due to costs incurred for couriers, fuel, vehicle maintenance, road, ferry tolls, surcharges, insurance, brokerage, credit card and foreign exchange transaction fees, we offset these costs via the fee.  

Q:  How does Preferred Industrial determine the Shipping, Process & Handling charge?

A:  Charges and fees are consistent with industry standards.

Q: Is there a Shipping and Handling charge on back order items?

A: Under most circumstances; No

Q: I need product in a hurry, what is the charge for this level of service?

A:  It depends on the level and type of service.  The amount charged is consistent with the cost of time, service and delivery method used.  Shipments requiring Hot Shot, Rush, Air Freight, Special Order, Special Instructions, Brokerage, Custom's & Border Clearance Service etc., will be prepaid and charged as a separate line item on the invoice.

For other questions you may have, contact Customer Service.