ConQuest Concrete Remover
  • ConQuest Concrete Remover

ConQuest Concrete Remover

ConQuest Concrete Dissolver removes hardened concrete with minimal effort.  User-friendly molecular chemistry contains no sulfuric, muriatic, hydrochloric or phosphoric acids.  Non-toxic, inherently biodegradable and VOC compliant formula does not fume off, making it perfectly safe to use.  Emulsifying action eliminates hammering, scraping and acid washing of tools, equipment and most "in contact" cement surfaces.

Formulated to attack the bonding agent found in concrete, mortar, grout or any product containing cement, ConQuest breaks down the cured product to a washable paste.  Easily removed with the use of a high-pressure washer or water hose. Used as directed it will not harm most painted, plastic, metal surfaces, tools, plants or vegetation.

Typical Applications, Uses and Bulletins

Use on ready-mix trucks & pumpers, vehicles, forms, moulds, joints, brick, stone, block work, wheel barrows, trowels & tools, concrete saws, slip-form pavers, augers, and any cement contact points.

Caution:  Do not allow product to come in contact with Magnesium. ConQuest neutralizes with water. SEE TDS & SDS for more information.

Feature & Benefits

* Inherently Biodegradable & Safe to Use
* Cleans Tools & Machinery, No Hammering or Scraping
* Labour & Equipment Saving Solution
* Water Neutralized


20L Pail # - 13151413913414

205L Drum # - 13151413913417


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