BioZime Descaler
  • BioZime Descaler

BioZime Descaler

BioZime is a non toxic, biodegradable aqueous solution that descales, dissolves, destroys, and decomposes tough organic deposits completely, rapidly, and safely.  Blended with a complex formula of wetting & penetrating agents that quickly breaks down & neutralizes mineral deposits, in many cases even while equipment is in operation.

Effective for industrial applications, dissolves and removes scale, (calcium, lime, water, rust), even struvite.  For marine applications, successfully destroys barnacles, mollusca (mussels, clams), tiger shells and other unwanted growths.

Used as directed BioZime will not corrode, erode, attack or oxidize most ferrous and non ferrous materials.  Use with confidence on Brass, Carbon, Ceramic, Copper, Copper Nickel, Fiberglass, Gelcoats, Glass, Iron, Painted Surfaces, Plastic, Rubber, Steel, Teflon, Titanium, and Wood. Dilute BioZime up-to 50% for Magnesium, Zinc Metals, Aluminum, Aluminum Alloys, and some Stainless Steel Alloys.


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Features & Benefits

*  Safe & Biodegradable, Non Toxic, Non Corrosive

*  Descales & Dissolves Organic Deposits & Marine Growth

*  Works on Ferrous and Non Ferrous Materials


4 x 3.78L Jugs # - 12190213901342

1 x 18.9L Pail # - 12190213901345

1 x 205L Drum # - 12190213901348

Applications and Uses

Air Compressors, AC units, Boilers, Booster Heaters, Bow Thrusters, Buoys, Chillers, Condensers, Coolers, Cylinder Jackets, Diesel Engines, Desalination Units, Engine Cooling Systems, Evaporators, Feed Water Heaters, Fire Mains, Generators, Heat Exchangers, Hulls, Intake Screens, Keel Coolers, Lube Oil Coolers, Propulsion Units, Propellers, Pumps, Radiators, Seacocks, Sea Strainers, Sea Water Systems (main and auxillary), Transmission Coolers, Tube Bundles, Waste Heat Boilers, Waste Water Piping, Water Pumps, Impellers, CHT Systems, Distillers, Jet Blast Deflectors (JBDs), Dynamometer Test Stands, Extruders, Molding Machines, Parts Washers, Electric Gun Welders, Mixers, Reactors, Jacketed Kettles, Vacuum Pumps, Dryers, Bottle Washers, Rinse Tanks, CO2 Generators, Refrigeration & Process Equipment, Evaporative Condensers, Shell & Tube Condensers, Centrifugal Chillers, Absorption Units, Closed-Circuit Cooling, Vacuum Filters & Furnaces, Crackers, Converters, Piping, Stills, Sterilizers, Mill & Calendar Rolls, Liquor Lines & Tanks, Banbury Mixers, Tubers, Smelters, Cooling Towers, Motor Coolers, & Cast House Cooling Systems.

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