Repic Red Liquid Grease
  • Repic Red Liquid Grease
  • Repic Red Liquid Grease

Repic Red Liquid Grease

Repic Red Liquid Grease is a lithium base multi-purpose spray-on grease.

Repic Red sprays a deep penetrating liquid that flows into tight areas and transforms into a highly adhesive grease. Special viscosity modifiers thin in low temperatures and thicken in high temperatures up-to 260° C (500° F).  Extreme pressure additives provide positive lubrication, weatherproof resistance, rust, corrosion and oxidation protection.  Super Red Lube outperforms typical white and other commercially available spray-on greases.

Use Repic Red on Wire Rope, Open Gears, Linkages, Draglines, Cables, Hoists, Pulleys, Rollers, Hinges, Striker Plates, 5th Wheels or anywhere a heavy duty spray-on grease is required.

Features & Benefits

* Superior Liquid Spray-On Grease

* Thins in Cold, Thickens in Hot Temperatures

* Weather and Water Resistant


12 x 311g Aerosol - # 15080-848951-311A


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