GoCoat Anti-Stick Coating
  • GoCoat Anti-Stick Coating

GoCoat Anti-Stick Coating

Prefered GoCoat is a spray on anti-stick surface treatment. Formulated with nanocule polymer bonding agents, micro fine clays and natural wax compounds, this unique combination of ingredients and chemistry helps to repel, coat and protect painted and bare surfaces, aluminum, chrome, plastic, rubber, vinyl and other materials.*

When applied as directed, GoCoat forms an invisible barrier that protect parts and surfaces from the harmful effects of UV rays, road grime, brake dust, salt, snow, ice, acid rain, watermarks, concrete, cement, tar, sap, insect residue, rust, and corrosion. Super slick film helps prevent clogging, binding or material build-up on free running blades, tools and equipment. Can be used to coat and protect frame rails, weld joints and many other exposed surfaces subject to environmental fading, cracking, chipping or corrosive attack.


12 x 311 g (11 oz.) Aerosol

Part Number # - 12151413933574

Protect it Right...The First Time!

* If in doubt, always pre-test on a small inconspicuous area first.  Never spray or apply onto hot surfaces.