Gasket Paint Varnish (GPV) Remover
  • Gasket Paint Varnish (GPV) Remover

Gasket Paint Varnish (GPV) Remover

GPV Remover is an industrial strength, gel like solvent designed to quickly break down gasket material, paint, epoxies, enamels, varnish, lacquers, shellacs, acrylic finishes, contact cement and adhesive residue from a variety of substrates including metal, wood, fibreglass, masonary, stone and ceramics.*

Convenient spray gel clings to the surface where it starts to blister and disintegrate the top coat for secondary scraping and removal. Flush surface with water or cloth wipe excess residue for a clean start.


Standard Case - 12 x 510g (18oz.) Large Aerosol Cans

Part # -12151413933270

Clean it Right...The First Time!

* To mitigate damage, it is highly recommended to pre-test a small section of the surface before complete use.