GoCo Zorb Absorbent

GoCo-Zorb is a 100% organic super absorbent made from the husk of a coconut. The honey-comb structure soaks up-to 9 times it's weight, absorbs like a sponge and can be re-used until the hollow core is fully saturated.

Perfect for a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous spill events, works on contact, it's non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-carcinogenic, free from silica, chemicals & pesticides.  Quickly soaks up gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, anti-freeze, engine, motor, transmission, vegetable oil, cutting fluid, solvents, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, mild corrosives, liquid organic waste, even oil base paint.  GoCo-Zorb fibers are buoyant, making it highly effectively for oil or fuel spilled into a body of water.

Full encapsulation ecology leaves behind no mess, no dangerous streaks or drips, it's natural brown color is visually more appealing compared to clay, earth mined or synthetic powder base absorbents.  Packed in a durable woven bag w/handle, doubling as a containment sack for saturated material.  12lb bag is light enough for most individuals to carry and deploy.


5.5kg (12lb) Bag

Part # - 12151627832150



Clean it Right...The First Time!


GoCo Zorb MSDS

Download (325.66k)

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