• SuperMetalium-GTW


SuperMetalium-GTW (Grease That Works) EP 1.5 is the ultimate multi-purpose grease for most industrial or fleet applications. Utilizing advanced lubrication technology and fortifying it with powerful tackifiers, GTW provides superior adhesive and cohesive film strength.

Guaranteed to dramatically reduce metal-to-metal friction and heat with an exclusive micro-molecular shield as well as providing outstanding resistance to water washout, rust, corrosion and oxidation.  GTW is marked by its exceptional thermal and pumpability performance, -20°C (-4°F) cold temperature and upwards of +260°C (+500°F) for high temperature applications.  Does not contain environmentally unfriendly Chlorinated Paraffin EP additives or silicone compounds.

GTW is the best high performance Calcium Sulfonate Complex general purpose grease available.  Colour of grease is blue.

Features and Benefits

* Wide Temperature Range
* High Performance Anti-Friction Formula
* Superior Micro-Molecular Film Strength


12 x 454g Tube - # 12190213901000

1kg Tub - # 12190213901005

15.9kg Pail - # 12190213901010

55kg Keg - # 12190213901020

180kg Drum - # 12190213901030



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