DieselBoost Plus

DieselBoost Plus contains all the same advanced properties of DieselBoost Pro plus "Cetane" to improve the diminished qualities and combustion efficiencies of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. Formulated to protect and enhance the demanding performance of High Pressure Common Rail, HUEI, MUEI, Unit Injectors, Conventional Rotary Distributor, In-Line Injector Pump and EGR equipped diesel delivery systems.

Plus formula replenishes essential lubricants removed during the refining of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.  Modified detergents help clean and protect internal components by removing harmful varnish, sludge, dirt and water deposits. Special alcohol free formula helps prevent corrosion, oxidization and accelerated wear of critical pump and injection components. Added Cetane increases values up-to 4 points over regular pump fuel to optimize combustion, power, performance and reduce emissions.

Plus formula is the most popular treatment available. 1L DieselBoost Plus treats 1000L.

Features & Benefits

* Increased Lubricity, Detergency, added Cetane

* Optimizes Combustion for More Power & Reduced Emissions

* 1L Treats 1000L Diesel Fuel


1L Bottle - #12151413912605

4L Jug - #12151413912608

20L Pail - #12151413912611

208L Drum - #12151413912617



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DieselBoost SDS

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