BioGanic EFG Grease

BioGanic-EFG (Earth Friendly Grease) is a new technology Calcium Sulfonate Complex grease that unites a blend of optimized biodegradable vegetable and synthetic oils to achieve the highest standard of recognition in the environmental community.  Meets the most stringent biodegradable designations including; Norwegian "Yellow", the combined UK/Netherlands "E" category and the OSPAR Commission Rating - HOCNF, the most safe level of environmental rating for a lubricant without compromising performance values.  Formulated to contain no leachable or volatile organics utilizing EPA test method 1311-TCLP, SW846 8260B.  

BioGanic contains polymer additives making it inherently resistant to water wash-out, weathering, oxidation, rust or corrosion, ideally suited for high-moisture or hostile environments either as a lubricating medium, sealant, release agent or coating.  Advanced chemistry and leading edge biodegradability makes it the preferred lubricant for environmentally sensitive applications or to meet a defined environmental stewardship initiative.

BioGanic is an extreme service, top tier multi-purpose grease for most slow or high speed bearings.  Recommended for outdoor applications including; Maritime/Sub Sea, Mine & Pit Operations, Golf Courses, Ski Resorts, Hydro & Dam Infrastructure, Open/Exposed Slide Plates, Switch Mechanisms or anywhere lubricant run-off poses an environmental risk.


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12 x 400g Tubes - #12190213900845

1 x 15.9kg Pail - #12190213900850

1 x 55kg Keg - #12190213900855

1 x 180kg Drum - #12190213900858

Bulk - Special Order

Technical Specifications

Operating Range, -23° C to 232° C (-10° F to 450° F)

NLGI Grade - #2

Colour - Pale Red/Pink

Odor - Rapeseed

Dropping Point - 260° C (500° F)

Specific Gravity - 0.96

Density (lb/gal) - 8.0

Additive Type - EP/AW/R & O

Flash Point  >221° C (430° F)

Autoignition Point (calculated)  >260° C (500° F)

Penetration @ 77° F, 265 - 295

Copper Strip Corrosion - 1A

Wear Scar Diameter - 0.7

Oxidation Resistance PSI Drop, 100 hours <5.0

Exceeds Mil Spec MIL-G-18458B-SH

EPA 1311-TCLP - Non-detected

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BioGanic EFG SDS

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