Jet Blue Ice Melt - Bag or Pail
  • Jet Blue Ice Melt - Bag or Pail

Jet Blue Ice Melt - Bag or Pail


Now is the time to stock up on Ice & Snow Melt before the white stuff starts to fly. While supplies last, Preferred Industrial is offering 20kg (44lbs) bags, 20kg Pail w/handle of Jet Blue Ice Melt.

JetBlue 20kg bag/pail ice & snow melt is uniquely formulated with military and airport grade runway de-ice technology. Effective to -30°C (-22°), when used as directed it allows for faster, long-lasting protection on sidewalks, stairs, driveways, entrances, parking lots and roads. Hi-Viz coloring and special corrosion inhibitor is safer for metal, concrete & vegetation leaving no residue or staining common to typical road salt.


20kg Bag # - ZC181413911366

20kg Pail # - ZC181413911369

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