On Vancouver Island, the City of Langford is the latest to join the “road” to cleaner, greener, safer streets! Through the initiative of the city’s public works contractor, the community is seeing an environmentally-conscious, rapid cleanup response that leaves roads safe and spill-free.

(GoCo Zorb deployed on hydraulic oil spilled from commercial vehicle)

Fuel, oil, anti freeze, and other hazardous spills are dangerous. From accidents, leaking cars, commercial vehicles with loose, damaged or punctured connection hoses, spills cause serious problems.  They are tough to remove and often require hours of work to clean up. Road crews are active in ensuring that the best possible solution is employed during spill events. For Langford, “quick and safe” is the way to go – that means thorough cleanup in less time with minimal environmental impact and health risks to its employees, contractors, and travelling public.

That’s why Preferred Industrial’s “GoCo Zorb” 100% Organic Super Absorbent is Langford’s product of choice. It’s made from natural coconut coir which effectively absorbs hazardous and non-hazardous spills on any surface, even water! Unlike other absorbents such as messy clay/kitty litter, inhalable silica-laced diatomaceous earth or habitat-destroying peat moss, GoCo Zorb is a renewable resource that is non-toxic, biodegradable, safe to humans and animals. Best of all, it works on contact and absorbs up to 9x its weight. Talk about better cleaning power with less waste!


With GoCo Zorb, streets are cleaner and safer in Langford. Thanks to the progressive work of those committed to a “safe and green” community, the city is using only the best products with the best value for it's citizens & visitors.

Go-Green with GoCo Zorb!

(Originally posted August 2019)