CorroSeal Battery Protector
  • CorroSeal Battery Protector

CorroSeal Battery Protector


Industrial and fleet batteries need regular maintenance to ensure maximum output to meet the demand of today's energized equipment.  Corrosion and leakage are two factors leading to battery power loss and failure.  Protect and maintain your critical batteries with CorroSeal, a unique and super tough corrosion and acid resistant protective coating that seals industrial batteries, terminals and assembly components from acid, corrosion and moisture damage.

Unlike poor quality battery sealants that never dry and allow residual build-up, CorroSeal contains special resins and polymers that dries to a hard black acid and alkalis resistant finish and does not attract power robbing contaminants.  Fills and seals micro-scopic cracks around battery posts and casing that leak out harmful acidic mist and vapor. Spray directly onto battery clamps, case, terminals, posts, hold down fasteners and box for total protection.

Use CorroBan to clean battery before application of CorroSeal.  CorroSeal and CorroBan are professional products for automotive, truck, lifts, marine, rail, agriculture, recreation, industrial and institutional applications.

Features and Benefits

* Seals and Insulates

* Dry Durable Coating

* Prolongs Battery Life


12 x 340g Aerosol - # 12151413904250

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