ClingPlex Solid Film Lubricant
  • ClingPlex Solid Film Lubricant
  • ClingPlex Solid Film Lubricant

ClingPlex Solid Film Lubricant

ClingPlex is a semi-fluid paste type lubricant that leaves a thin flexible film on the treated surface.  Unique organo clay resins and the addition of moly and graphite make ClingPlex a superb boundary lubricant that protects most open gear or line equipment operating at the extremes of high speed, high load or in harsh environments.

Special evaporative solvent allows ClingPlex to permeate and set while coating, protecting and preventing the incursion of moisture and other contaminants.  ClingPlex is enhanced with extreme pressure additives, plus rust and corrosion inhibitors to resist fresh and salt water-washout and high humidity conditions.  Highly tenacious adhesive film chemistry resists fling off and reduces usage.  When dry, ClingPlex will not attract dirt or dust.  

ClingPlex is recommended for open gears, wheels, wire rope, cables, track rails, draglines, shovels, pins, bushings, propel mechanisms, anchor cable & connections, tower and swing crane pivot points, hoists & elevators, conveyor drive chains, open roller chains, sheaves, drum faces and as threaded fastener anti-seize lubricant and protectant.

Effective operating range: -32° to 175°C (-25° to 350°F)


*  Protects with Thin, Flexible Film

*  Tenacious and High Adhesive Strength

*  Penetrates, Lubricates, Displaces Moisture

*  Evaporative Solvent Transforms Fluid to Paste


12 x  340g (12 oz.) Aerosol # - 15080-848760-340A


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