Contact Cleaner

PS Terminal is a high purity Non-Flammable Contact Cleaner, CFIA listed, USDA authorized, NSF registered for use in food processing plants.

Powerful spray penetrates and removes dirt, grease & organic contaminants quickly and easily and can be used on all metal and most plastic surfaces*.  Fast evaporation rate allows treated component to dry without leaving a residue.  Safe and non-conductive spray has 35,000 volt dielectric strength.  Use on motors, starters, switches, servomechanisms, contacts or any component in need of a safe electrical wash.  

Features & Benefits

*  Non Flammable, Non Conductive

*  Dries quick and residue free

*  Safe on all metals and most plastic surfaces

*  CFIA, USDA, NSF Listed & Approved


12 x 454g Aerosol # - 13182513960242

* Avoid spraying directly on certain soft plastics such as ABS, Acrylic, Styrene and Polycarbonate.  Test small sample area first for compatibility.

Clean it Right...The First Time!

Data sheet

454 g


PS Terminal MSDS

Download (181.92k)

PS Terminal TDS

Download (119.37k)

PS Terminal NSF Certification

Download (35.55k)

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